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Conference papers for download:

Teaching Jung in the University
    A/Prof David Tacey, La Trobe University

    Peter Bishop

The Active Use of The Analyst's Bodymind As It Is Informed By Psychic Disturbances
    Giles Clark (Sydney), Training Analyst ANZSJA

Between You and Me - Reaching for Understanding in Anthropology and Analysis
    Dr Leslie Devereaux (Canberra), Analyst ANZSJA

Womb = Tomb = House = Body: Yagwoia Experience of Blissful Self-dissolution
    Dr Yadran Mimica, University of Sydney

Jung in the 21st Century; a neurobiological project
    A/Prof Leon Petchkovsky, University of Queensland & President ANZSJA

Analytical Psychology As A Spiritual Practice: An Australian Perspective
    A/Prof David Russell, University of Western Sydney

On Reading Carpentaria
    Dr Craig San Roque (ANZSJA Sydney)

On a visit to Spain I discovered something else about Australia.
    Brendon Stewart

Fear of reality
    Brendon Stewart

Papers of interest to our readers:

Neurofeedback intervention for ADHD
    Laurence M Hirshberg
    Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior,
    Brown Medical School, Providence, RI 0290, USA.

download pdf Using QEEG parameters (asymmetry, coherence, and P3a novelty response) to track improvement in depression after choir therapy Leon Petchkovsky, Kirstin Roberts, Juri Kropotov and Michael Petchkovsky

This pilot study reports the findings from a sub-group of nine patients, from a cohort of 32 middle-aged ambulant depressive patients undergoing an intensive 8-week choral singing programme, who received 'before' and 'after' quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) (resting state and the WinEEG VCPT ERP protocol). 'Before' and 'after' Mental State Examinations and Beck Depression Inventory showed significant improvement (p<0.001). Group spectral analysis of resting QEEG showed greater L/R hemispheric symmetry of activity, reduction of right polar pre-frontal hyper-activity, and reduction of hypercoherence (three reported depressive parameters). Analysis of Event Related Potentials results revealed that an initially heightened P3a novelty singulate gyrus response reduced significantly over the course of the treatment (p<0.05).

download pdf FMRI Correlates of Psychological Complexes, [read online] Leon Petchkovsky.

FMRI Correlates of Psychological Complexes

Any concept or function of "self" must posit "otherness" necessarily. But "otherness" is not limited to the world outside the skin. While the literature on mirror neurone sites deals mainly with brain events in relationship to external others, the elcitation of a complex, especially under the visual presentation protocol described (where the presence of external "other" is minimised, relative to the internal "other"), seems to be more about internal conflict. Our findings demonstrate that there is a functional brain pattern associated with this inner conflict.
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download pdf Evidence Based Psychotherapy Outcome Studies, [read online] Leon Petchkovsky.

Evidence Based Psychotherapy Outcome Studies. Do they make any sense?

We all have psyches, therefore we all, inevitably, fancy ourselves experts in matters psychological. Furthermore, as Jung put it so pithily, "every psychology is a confession" (Jung M D R). The Freudian paradigm tells us as much about Freud's own psychology as it does about everyman's, as Skinner's does about Skinner, and so on for every model, and every practitioner. To cling too firmly to universal psychological generalisations can be a form of fundamentalism.
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download pdf Review of "Wounded Boys/Heroic Men: A Man's Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse" by Daniel Jay Sonkin, [read online] Andrew Tootell.

Review of "Wounded Boys/Heroic Men: A Man's Guide to Recovering from Child Abuse" by Daniel Jay Sonkin published by Adams Media Corporation: Avon, Massachusetts.

Men need to be thankful to the feminist movement for putting the topic of "men's health" on the national agenda. But even in the book, The Men and the Boys (2000), written by profeminist Professor of sociology Robert Connell, issues of men's physical health are discussed but the issue of men wounded psychologically by childhood abuse is not even mentioned.
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