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FEB 2011


TIME, DATE: 9am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday, 26th & 27th February 2011.
PLACE: Southern Cross University “Beachside” Campus, Coolangatta Airport.
COST:$300 early bird ($50 deposit booked before Feb 18th) ($350 for later applicants).

LED BY: Dr Max Clayton, Assoc Prof Leon Petchkovsky, Patricia O’Rourke

Workshop participants will explore various aspect of attachment style, attachment dynamic, and nurturance in the psychodramatic milieu. Of its nature psychodrama is a brief process (at least compared to long-term therapy, or the nurturance process itself). But because of its intensity and nature (the method is a meta-enactment), there may be a neurological/brain plasticity “massed practice” effect which increases opportunities for mindfulness radically.

The workshop IS experimental, because very little systematic work has been done in this field, and yet we know that attachment dynamics (embodied role states) must inform the core of the action in the theatre of subjectivity (as it does in life). This workshop will give all participants an opportunity participate actively in discovering/rediscovering some of the principles and dynamics involved.

The workshop is adapted to suit a broad range of participants, from senior practitioners through to people who have had no exposure to the Psychodramatic method. The main requirement is an interest in nurturance (attachment dynamic and interpersonal attunement) .

Jungian participants who have been to Dr Jean Knox’s recent Sydney and Gold Coast seminars on attachment dynamic in psychoanalytic psychotherapy may find this workshop of considerable use in extending their existing cognitive understanding by experiential means.

Dr Max Clayton is the founding father of the Australasian Psychodrama movement. He is one of the world’s leading practitioners of the method, and gives regular workshops in Japan, Greece and Australia. Max brings his infectious humour and empathy to a lifetime of deep experience in the method.

Prof Leon Petchkovsky is a recent past president of the Australian and NZ Society of Jungian Analysts. He also trained as a psychodrama director. Leon is actively involved in neuroscience research on attachment process.

Patricia O’Rourke is a Child Psychotherapist at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. She is also a qualified psychodrama director, and her thesis was on attachment dynamic in the psychodrama, where she draws links between the psychodramatic manoeuvres of doubling, mirroring and role reversal, and the developmental experiences of agency, the reflexive self( the “me” subject of the witnessing “I”), and capacity for theory of mind.

Some participants may wish to stay overnight Saturday at nearby acommodation. Dr Jonathan Dwyer will have the details of this for you. This is a separate arrangement, and bookings should be made individually . Overnight Rates are extremely modest. For bookings and accommodation details, CONTACT Dr Jonathan DWYER on 0400 927 992 and/or jonathan@dwyer.net

Details Couch and Classroom, The Uses of Subjective Experience: A Weekend of Conversations Between Analysts and Academics Who Work with Jung's Ideas.

October 19th - 20th 2007, Melbourne

INVITATION TO PRESENT: While the keynote speaker list is now filled further contributions are invited, particularly poster presentations. The Proceedings of the Conference will be subjected to a peer review process, and published as an e-journal with its own ISSN number.

The CG Jung Institute of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Jungian Analysts is hosting an interdisciplinary discussion between analysts and academics who work with Jung's ideas in a range of contexts. The focus of the discussions will be the ways in which subjective experience is used differently across the academic and analytic contexts represented in the region. The aim of the conference is to extend our understanding of our own and each other's work through dialogue.
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Details Psychotherapy as an Emergent Phenomenon - seminar Sue Austin.

July 22nd 2007

"Recently a number of authors (Hogenson, Cambray, etc) have been exploring the idea of psychic process as an emergent phenomena. Similarly, Sander and Skar have been exploring the spontaneous self-ordering characteristics of complex systems and their implications for psychological work. In this workshop Sue Austin will use clinical vignettes to explore these ideas and their implications for Jungian thought and practice in conversation with the group."
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Gold Coast International Conference August 2007.

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