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Frequently Asked Question: Why is the Clinic named 'Pinniger'?

The clinic is named in memory of Margaret Pinniger, who cultivated during her lifetime a deep interest in Jungian Psychology and Buddhist meditation. She lived in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, spending time with her beloved friend and garden designer Edna Walling, and her bequest was provided to further psychotherapy in Australia.

All practitioners at the Pinniger Clinic share a recognition of the importance of spiritual dimensions, interpersonal relationships, mindfulness and inclusion of creative arts in therapy and the value of complementary medicine in comprehensive treatment of complex and borderline presentations.

Tjarpanytja Puntu

The picture Puntu Tjarpanytja (Pintubi for "the deepest possible healing penetration") was painted by Andrew Spencer Jalpajari and his family, at Walungurru, for Leon and his associates.

It depicts the Tanami Medicine Serpent's entry into his final resting place at Nyinmi, one of the most powerful "Medicine sites" in Indigenous Australia.

It was given to us as a blessing from Indigenous Australia, with the instructions - "Hang it up in your Clinic, put it on your business card, it will help make your patients better."

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